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Mould growth? Random damp patches? In recent years the most common form of unwanted dampness in buildings is water from the air that forms as condensation. It is now becoming a major domestic problem. At RJA Electrical Services we can help you solve these problems, quickly, cheaply and efficiently.


Running water on windows and walls is perhaps the most immediate indication of a condensation problem. If ignored, this can lead to a deterioration in the decorative condition of the property, stained curtains, decay in window frames and the appearance of moulds on the surface of wallpapers and paints in poorly ventilated areas, particularly but not wholly black spot moulds, which are unsightly and spoil decoration. A much less common form of condensation occurs when the dew point is reached, not on the surface of a wall but within the structure of the building itself. This is known as interstitial condensation and can easily be mistaken for rising or penetrating damp.



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No job is too small ??? or too big

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Have you found it difficult to find an Electrician in Kent or London, to carry out small job? Do you ask for quotes and never get a response?


Based in Minster, and with over 10 years of experience, RJA Electrical Services  specialise in domestic installations and the provision of a range of services directly to Homeowners, Letting Agents and Landlords. Our services include:


Additions and alterations

Complete or partial rewires

New fuse boards

Repairs and maintenance

Call us today on

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for a free, no obligation, quotation for your project. Your call matters to us, and we WILL respond.

Take Care When Selecting An Electrician!!


Many electrical contractors are simply not interested in small electrical works. They want the choice jobs, and will drop you like a hot potato when a bigger, supposedly more lucrative, project comes in.


Others advertise as electricians having no qualifications. They thrive on the basis that you don’t understand what they do and, as a result, overcharge for shoddy, and often dangerous, work.


I set up Kent Electrics in order to fill a gap in the domestic sector. I want to provide you with a quality service that provides you with exactly what you need from an electrician.


You can depend on us because:


WE WILL turn up for our appointments

WE WILL provide you with a written quote

WE WILL give you honest advice

WE WILL treat your home with respect


Call us today on

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Outdoor security lighting buyers guide

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Outdoor security lighting plays an important role in our lives in the UK, as for much of the year we have long hours of darkness and lighting is needed for our safety and assurance. There are many types of outdoor lights available which provide security, as well as enhancing your outside space.


There are many benefits to be had from outside lights. From a security viewpoint they enhance our feelings of safety; making us more aware on what’s going on around the house, lighting up the porch when we answer the door and illuminating areas that are in full view of the street and our neighbours.


Find out more about different types of outdoor security lights.

What is PIR?

A passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light coming from objects (such as a person) in its field of view. They are mostly used in PIR-based motion detectors.


Lights with a movement sensor or PIR are useful in many ways. When night falls and you remember there are clothes to bring in from the washing line, or you need to close a gate, etc. sensor lighting is activated when you make any movement close to the light. It will switch on automatically, which is invaluable if your hands are full or it’s too dark to see where you’re walking.


Motion activated lights


Motion-Activated Outdoor Security Lights

Unlike other security lights that are switched and left on all night, therefore consuming a lot of energy, security lights with motion detection only activate when you make any movement close to the light. Each light has a detection range and angle; if an object is detected by the PIR the light will turn on. Motion activated security lights are ideally placed at entry areas and in gardens, so that movement will illuminate your path and any hazards can be readily seen.

Many of our sensor lights offer the option of setting how long the light stays on once activated, as well as the ability to choose the level of darkness the sensor starts detecting motion.


Shop Motion-activated security lights


LED Flood Lights

If you're looking for an energy saving option then LED floodlights will be for you. There are mains and solar lights available which are A++ rated.



Halogen flood lights

Halogen flood lights are the most common type of outdoor lighting; brightly illuminating the outside of houses, commercial buildings and in car parks. Halogen bulbs emit a strong white light (as close as you can get to sunlight).



Solar flood lights

Solar flood lights are the most eco and environmentally friendly lighting; operating much the same way as any other outdoor security light, a solar light requires sunlight to charge the batteries in the day and then when it is dark the light turns on. A solar light will not contribute to your energy bills and does not require any mains wiring.


Shop Solar flood lights


Battery lights

If you have an outdoor area that does not get much light then we also have battery operated lights which may be more suitable as a year round solution.

how to fit a ceiling light.

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As you'll need to cut holes in your ceiling to fit recessed spotlights, always lift the floorboards in the room above to make sure there are no joists or obstructions where you want to fit them. If you have a few fittings to install, it's worth thinking about putting up a work platform - it'll make your job easier, quicker and safer.


Step 1


Most recessed spotlights come with a template for marking the fixing hole. But if yours don't, use a pair of compasses to draw a circle in pencil on the ceiling. After checking for pipes or cables with a detector, drill a small hole through - just inside the circle.


Step 2


Go back up and double-check all is clear from above. Then from below insert the blade of a padsaw or plasterboard saw and cut around the marked circle. Make sure you're wearing safety goggles and a mask when you do this. After you've removed the disc of plasterboard from the ceiling, you should find that your lights slot into place on spring clips that grip the plasterboard around them.

Buyer's guide to light bulbs

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It may be a while since you last had to buy light bulbs. You might be used to finding bulbs by watts, however technology has evolved and this means shopping for bulbs has changed.


We're here to guide you into the new world of light bulbs and will take you through cap fittings, shapes, brightness and designs, step-by-step, so you can find the right bulb for your needs.

How to find the right cap fitting


If you’re replacing a bulb that has come to the end of its life, check the old bulb carefully for a name. If it doesn’t have one, have a look at the base and match it with our cap fitting table below:

If you need to buy a bulb for a new fitting, check the lighting packaging information for details of compatible bulbs and match it with our cap fitting table.

Electrician in Faversham

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If you happen to be searching for Faversham home or business electricians for electricians in Faversham? If you’re searching for the very best prices coupled with a personal, friendly local electrical service that seems to be hard to find these days, contact RJA Electrical Services


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minster electrician

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For many years I have provided a comprehensive electrical service to my customers, I am based in Minster on Sea, Sheerness but cover all areas in London (inside M25) Kent & Essex . I pride myself on the efficient and friendly service I offer to my customers, and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

I have high standards and offer excellent value for money on every job I complete, always maintaining a high standard of customer satisfaction, giving you complete peace of mind at all times.

If you are looking for electrical services in your area, then RJA Electrical Services is here to help! Whether you would like a free quotation or just need a reliable electrician to carry out an installation, to upgrade your fuse board, or to find a fault, please contact me for more details:

Electrical contractor Sheerness

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Right across Kent and in particular, the Sheerness area, for super deals - RJA Electrical Services are the ones to beat.

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Electrical contractor Sittingbourne

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If you are looking for the best deal on home or business electrical services in Sittingbourne - choose quality and affordability, choose RJA Electrical Services - your friendly local electrician.


RJA Electrical Services are able to provide a service for electrical contractor in Sittingbourne or Electrical contractors and House rewires in Sheerness and Faversham, Gillingham, Minster or Sittingbourne at good prices. We are waiting for your call so that we can tell you all about the top quality electrical services that our local private or business electricians are ready to cater for you.


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Gillingham electrician

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If you are searching for a local electrician for Gillingham - choose RJA Electrical Services - your friendly local electrician.


When looking for a local firm for Gillingham electrical services, get in touch with RJA Electrical Services today.


For the most reliable and professional Gillingham private or business electrician.

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