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Landlord EICR Certificate - Electrical Safety Certificate

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

  • EICR For Landlords, Home Buyers & Sellers

  • EICR For Domestic & Commercial Properties

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What is an EICR Certificate?

An EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, checks whether your property’s wiring and electrics are safe. It is also known as Landlord Safety Test, Electrical Safety Certificate or the Homebuyer’s Test.

Whether it’s a business or a domestic property you rent out; your electrical installation should always be covered by an in date EICR.

To make sure your home is safe, we recommend you have an EICR every 10 years. If you rent out a property, you should have one every five years, a sooner re-inspection may be required if specified in the most recent report or for certain commercial properties.

What Happens During an EICR?

During an EICR, the Fuse Board (Consumer Unit), wiring and electrical accessories are inspected and tested for faults or deviations from the Wiring Standards. Throughout the test, the following will be inspected and tested:

  • The adequacy of the main earthing and bonding(s).

  • Devices for protection against fire and electric shock.

  • Any damage or wear and tear that might affect the safety of the property’s inhabitants.

  • Identification of any damaged electrical fittings and accessories.

  • Identification of any exposed live wires that could cause a fire or injury.

What Does It Mean For Landlords?

From April-2021, it’s a legal requirement for landlords to provide copy of EICR to their existing or new tenants.

As a landlord, you’re responsible for the safety of the electrics throughout the property – this includes the installation itself and any electrical appliances you’ve provided. You’ll need to make sure these are safe when a new tenant moves in and is maintained for the duration of their tenancy.

But if you don’t, you could face fines of up to £30,000 and your insurance could be invalidated. Banning orders may also be brought for serious or repeated offences.

Do I Need an EICR When Buying or Selling?

EICRs may be required for a variety of purposes including buying, selling or renewal of lease/rental agreement and may have been requested by your solicitors.

Building Surveyors may recommend their clients to obtain an upto date EICR in their Building Survey or HomeBuyer Report, based on their overall observation of the state of electrical system in a property.

Homeowners are recommended to have it carried out at-least once every 10 years to ensure electrical safety within their property.

How Do I Book an EICR - Electrical Safety Certificate?

We’re here to help keep your property safe for you and your tenants. Order your EICR-Electrical Safety Certificate online or over the phone.

  • If you are a landlord, simply provide us contact details of your tenants or property agent and we can coordinate directly with them to organise suitable appointment(s) according to their earliest availability and keep you updated by automated emails.

  • If you are buyer or seller, simply provide us with vendor’s or property agent’s contact details and leave it to us to coordinate and book suitable appointment(s) as per vendor’s/agent’s earliest availability.

  • All the report(s)/certificate(s) are then shared only with yourself digitally via your email.

Call us at 01795484115 to discuss a quotation and book. Alternately  Get Instant Quote Here and Order Online.

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