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Burglar alarm installations in one day

Having your house broken into is extremely distressing. The loss of treasured possessions and damage to your property are compounded by the emotional shock and a feeling of insecurity, which can be long-lasting and profound.

We install the latest burglar alarm systems to protect your home and family, with minimal disruption to your life or property. 

Protect your home and family. Book a free home survey or call us 01795 484 115

Spy Alarms Installations are typically:

  • The best solution for your needs and budget

  • Typical install in only one day

  • No wires or mess

  • Pet-friendly systems

Your best defence against burglary

The latest crime statistics for Kent show that, after two years of falling burglary rates, they are now on the rise again and are the highest they’ve been for two years. A good intruder alarm system is your best defence against the nightmare of being burgled.

A burglar alarm isn’t just there to catch thieves in the act, it serves as a very effective deterrent. Research shows that burglars prefer to go for soft targets, i.e. houses that are not fitted with a burglar alarm.

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