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An efficient way for UK Landlords to manage electricity usage and collect payments from tenants. Pre paid meters direct into your bank account.

Prepaid's electric sub meters helps landlords recover utility payments from their tenants.

Reviews from Landlords

Nick Wade

"Working with the team at RJA Electrical Services has been an absolute pleasure. Their solution is innovative, the team responsive, and customer service excellent. I couldn't recommend MP enough. Thanks for always being there."

Sanjay Mehmi

"This Prepaid meters have solved all my problems. It offers an effortless payment system, easy to use, value for money solution. Ric was amazing, clean after the installation and explain to me how it works in no time... Try nothing else."

Robert Jones

After setting up well over 100 HMO rooms RJA was amazing with all installations, one of the best and organized companies i work with. No more worries on what they use in the rooms, they paying for it...

About Prepaid Meter

What are electric sub meters? Sub metering works where someone wants to share an existing (metered) MAIN supply of electricity or water with others. Some landlords are cutting their install costs by as much as 50% with electric sub meters. Sub meters are inexpensive and can be installed using much of the existing infrastructure and without running new supply cables to a property. If your property has been correctly wired with each section on its own circuit, then installing a sub meter is a relatively straightforward exercise. What are the advantages of electric sub meters? The advantages of electric sub meters include: easy control of bills, reduced administration and risk, cheaper meters and faster installation, an option to set your tariff so that tenants pay the Prepaid 10% service fee, improved cash flow, electricity used through the sub meter is paid back to owner and there are consumption reports available. How does the Metro Prepaid sub meter work? The electric sub meter is installed with it’s own consumer board, where needed, and to top-up their electricity, the tenant will have to go to any PayPoint store (e.g. Co-op) with a meter card or a 19 digit PayPoint barcode to get their recharge pin. Tenants can also top-up their electricity through online payments, transfers through Barclays or get Power Codes, don't worry we will show you how it works The cost of electricity flowing through the prepaid sub meters is recovered through power codes sold, and is repaid to the landlord by Prepaid (monthly via bank payment). Prepaid collects the payments from the tenants for their usage and pays this money to the landlord so that they pay their account with the energy supplier. Does the Prepaid sub meter replace the main landlord meter? Prepaid sub meter does not replace the main landlord meter, they must be connected downstream of the main landlord meter. The existing landlord meter will remain in the property and within the utility area. These are what are considered sub meters, used for sub or secondary metering only and may not be used as a main or primary meter. Using our electric sub meters is beneficial as they reduce the administration of bills as you get more control and improved cash flow with the faster installation process. This also improves your property valuation and the tenants will appreciate the easy top-ups, control of their electricity usage with better technology. When do I receive my payments? Payments are made to the landlord, during the 1st week of every month, as agreed in the Terms of Service. The Prepaid system also automatically sends out a building statement to all clients whose email addresses were captured on the system. Do Prepaid sub meters have a warranty? Yes, a one-year warranty on the electric sub meter. The warranty commences on the date of first registration with our Help Desk. Removing factory seals to open the meter and access its inner workings will invalidate the warranty. The seals on the clear plastic terminal cover may be removed and replaced by an electrician authorised by the property owner when fitting or checking a sub meter. Are Prepaid sub meters suitable for rooms in HMOs? Prepaid sub meters work well for rooms in HMOs. Are Metro Prepaid meters suitable for garden rooms? Prepaid sub meters work well for garden flats. Other typical uses are for single owner properties:

  • main house with several dwellings in the backyard

  • sheds

  • house divided into rooms

  • commercial/retail building with several shops or units

  • business park with multiple units

  • blocks of flats

  • residential complexes with multiple units

  • student accommodation

  • workers accommodation (e.g. farms)

  • caravan parks

  • boat moorings

  • holiday lets

  • events where electricity usage needs to be metered e.g. food trucks, fair stalls, stadiums, exhibitors etc.

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