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Guide to Buying Light Bulbs

When shopping for a light bulb, there are many considerations to keep in mind, including energy usage, type, and brightness, to name a few. With that in mind, we at RJA Electrical are here to help guide you on what you can expect from the most popular light bulb variations.

LED Bulbs LED light bulbs are continuously growing in popularity thanks to their ability to save 90% more energy than outdated incandescent bulbs. Despite being the most expensive bulb variation out there in terms of the initial purchase price, people are saving a lot more money in the long run thanks to its energy-saving capabilities. LED bulbs also have much larger life spans than the (now banned in the UK) halogen bulbs. As an additional benefit, LED bulbs become instantly bright when switched on, unlike some of the other bulbs available. Taking all of this into account, if saving money and energy is your priority (especially during these difficult times), you can't go wrong with a LED bulb.

Smart LED bulbs Although smart light bulbs might be on the pricier side if you want lots of features, these let you take full control over your lighting from the use of a mobile phone or tablet, giving you the option to set the times of day when the lights come on, for example. Often, these bulbs also allow you to change the colour and brightness to create the ideal room ambiance for whatever it is you’re doing. Most smart LED bulbs are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, taking the control factor to the next level since your voice can issue commands for lighting preferences. If that wasn't enough, some let you control your lights when away from home or stop potential intruders with built-in motion sensors.

CFLs/Energy-saving Bulbs Compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs use 60-80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and are available in many different outputs and sizes. They are also cheap to purchase; however, they take a little while to reach their full brightness level (roughly 30 seconds to 3 minutes). These bulbs have a much longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, surpassing them by 14,000 hours.

Filament Bulbs If vintage is more your thing, you can create a stylish and cosy vibe with an LED filament bulb. People tend to lean toward getting a filament bulb for a variety of reasons, but one is because of the different shapes that are out there, such as diamonds or globes. The colour a filament bulb gives off is quite different from the usual bulb, with a much warmer orange or yellow glow, which is what creates that vintage feel.

Some Things to Keep in Mind When purchasing a new bulb, ensure the one you’re replacing has been checked so you can pick up the ideal replacement - the last thing you need is to spend money on a new bulb only to find it doesn't have the right fitting or cap type. Perhaps you have a bayonet base (the most common in the UK) - these bulbs are inserted with a push and twist action. There are also screw/Edison bases, which can be indicated by an "E" label. What about the shape? The shape of the bulb will result in different light spread from various angles. Maybe a candle, capsule or round bulb is what's best for you. Also, consider how the bulb will look when switched on. Is the brightness level going to be ideal for the room? Make sure to check the lumens in each bulb (the higher, the brighter).


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