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Electrical system design is the design of electrical systems. This can be as simple as a installing additional power and lighting points or as involved as determining the power supply required from a ground floor to 17th floor.

RJA Electrical Services will take on board your full electrical requirements from the design stage to the installation, certification and service stage.

We carry out the key stages of the design work and provide working schematics and wiring diagrams for electricians and engineers to work to.

  1. Determine load characteristics, load centres, maximum demands of load centres, standby system requirements.

  2. Determine supply characteristics.

  3. Prepare installation outline of the distribution system.

  4. Design distribution system.

  5. Select protective devices and cables.

  6. Consider voltage drop limitations.

  7. Calculate prospective fault currents.

  8. Calculate distribution and earth fault loop impedance's.

  9. Select earthing and other protective conductor sizes.

  10. Size final circuits.

  11. Check isolation and switching requirements.

  12. Final assessment.

  13. Sign electrical installation certificate.


RJA Electrical Services offer professional and reliable domestic and commercial services.

We understand that as a business you have regulations that need to be met and we can help with advice and comprehensive solutions.

We offer electrical installation systems, providing you with the complete package from design to installation to maintenance and repairs. Our services are carried out by qualified electricians and to BS7671 standards, ensuring that your company meets all electrical health and safety regulations.

Our qualified electricians can also help with all your domestic electrical needs from additional power and lighting points to full rewires and new installations. We are friendly and reliable and ensure a high quality finish.

For any more information on Design & Installation please speak to us here.

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