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What is voltage optimisation?

Voltage optimization is an energy saving device that Is used to clean and condition in incoming power supply in order to reduce the voltage supplied to appliances.


Does it matter that my voltage is high?

The higher the voltage the higher the energy consumption. 
This generally reduces the life expectancy of electrical equipment.


Why do I need a voltage optimizer?

Supplying appliances higher than 220 Volts, wastes energy. As well as getting larger energy bills and the impact on the environment, appliances process the wasted energy by generating hear or vibration meaning they will wear faster.


How is a Voltage Optimizer installed?

The voltage optimizer unit is installed between the meter and the consumer unit by a qualified electrician will regulate voltage to the whole premises.


How long does the installation take?

Installation varies depending on the property. A free no obligation quote will be required in order to give you a price and time for installation.


Does the Voltage Optimizer unit require any maintenance?

We recommend this Is checked over when you have your Periodic inspection carried out on the property. If you believe there is any problems with the running of the machine we recommend you call for the system to be checked.

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