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What is an Extractor Fan?

An extractor fan is a fan designed to extract the air from your home or workplace. Bathroom extractor fans are specifically designed to extract moist air caused by baths and showers.


Why do I need an extractor fan?

Extractors fan are designed to extract air from the home, without an extractor fan the damp air will stick to the walls wand windows within the property and slowly over time turn into mould which can cause health concerns including asthma.


What size extractor fan do I need?

That standard size extractor fan is 100mm (4") and this is the size of most ducting (Pipe to connect fans) and grills. You can get larger extractor fans 150mm (6") which can be used within the kitchen space for additional extraction. To discuss your extractor fan needs please call on 01795 484 115.


My extractor fan is not working, does it need replacing?

Its hard to say without inspecting the fan. If the fan is old and been in situ for a long time then thereís a possibility that it may need replacing but it could also simply need to be cleaned.


How do you clean the extractor fan?

In order to clean the extractor fan you first must ensure you isolate (turn off) the power supply to the unit. The front cover can then be wiped over with a damp cloth. If there is a removable filter this can be removed and cleaned. To clean inside the fan we recommend calling a qualified electrician.


How loud are extractor fans?

The noise level from extractor fans varies depending on the fan that is in place. A lot of new UK produced fans that are whisper quiet.


Cyfan allows installers to configure and install the right extract fan in just one visit.

Cyfan, provides us Installers with an aesthetically pleasing and compact extract fan. The unit has unique intelligence and the capability to accommodate different property layouts and residents lifestyles with just one ventilation solution.

Flexible Solution

Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, WC or utility rooms

Flexible Installation Options

recess kit and window kit are available and side spigot option allows multi adjoining wet-room ventilation

Quiet Running

Designed with tenants in mind

Low Maintenance Costs

Easy Filterless maintenance

Contact us

01795 484 115

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