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Electrical Services for Hotels

Providing Everything You Need

Hotel Exterior

Hotels are a 7 day a week business – we know that repairs and upgrades are non-stop and it’s good to have trusted partners. Maintenance issues need quick solutions as turning away guests is bad for business and your hotel brand. We’re here to help and can offer many solutions.


Lighting can change a buildings look and feel in so many ways. Lighting can have a positive or negative effect on your family or staffs mood.


We are experienced Hotel Lighting Contractors in London, who have been designing and installing lights for over 20 years. Our electrical hotel lighting specialists can create a happier, healthier workplace by uniformly lighting the hotel rooms, decreasing shadows and avoiding dazzling lighting. Lighting can only improve ambient working conditions for your staff. Our lighting contractors also ensure compliance with all the latest legislation and trends.

Electrical Services 

  • Bespoke electrical fitting and outlets

  • Reactive maintenance

  • LED emergency lighting

  • Smart meters

  • Energy saving lighting

  • Key card switching

  • Outside lighting

  • Custom electrical design

  • Lighting sensors in areas of less traffic

  • Electrical Testing

  • Lighting upgrades

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