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10 Questions You Must Ask an Electrician before Hiring

Hiring an electrician is a crucial matter because he will be doing one of the most sensitive jobs in the industry. And electrical jobs should be done right the first time. Any miscalculation on electrical wiring and its related jobs and issues will not only compromise an electrician’s job but your life as well.

While the job of an electrician is to maintain your electrical health and safety in your home or business, be sure you are talking to the right electrician. There is no wrong in asking questions. Through questions, you will be enlightened what your electrician can do, how much you are going to spend, and how trusting his work even after the contract is over.

Since electricians do the job that may put their life and yours at risk, the questions below are the points you can ask your prospective electrical contractor.

  1. Are you a licensed electrician? Obviously, the electrician will easily respond as “yes.” You can easily suspect that the electrician is not licensed when he cannot show a permit. Other than just expecting quality work from him, you can be assured of the liability insurance and work guarantees. In the event something went wrong with the job, you can always have something to hold on to. A licensed electrician is someone who has passed certain qualifications and tests, and he will perform the job in compliance with national safety guidelines.

  2. Do you have insurance? An electrician’s job is high risk. Anything that could happen along the way, even if careful undertaking has been observed. The insurance will protect the electrician while on the job and your property and family as well.

  3. What specific work can you do? Asking this question with your electrician gives you confidence that the man you chose can do the right job. For example, you need someone that can install security systems and that he is an expert on it for many years. This serves his voucher for you to let him go through the job.

  4. Do you have specialized training for the job I’m asking? Concerning the previous question, electricians who are expert on a particular skill have most likely acquired training and certification and years of experience on the specific job you need.

  5. Can you provide references? You cannot judge your electrician’s work based on the moment you saw him and haven’t started the job yet. In this case, references to past works or a certain portfolio will serve as his testimonials to his credibility as a certified and licensed electrician. Friends and online testimonials can also be used as a useful reference to your prospective electrician.

  6. How long can you finish the job? Although this should not put the electrician’s work in haste, which might compromise the quality of his performance, knowing his timeline, which can include cost, will give you an insight of how much this electrician know about his job. If he cannot provide an estimate or just seemed to be guessing, you can doubt if such electrician truly knows what he’s doing. Also, he should at least give an estimate or scope of handy works that will be affected by the entire electrical project.

  7. Who are the people involved in electrical work? The person you talk to over the phone, even if he is an electrician, does not mean he’s the one to suit up for the job. It may be one or more people are involved in the job, and you could at least be informed of who you will be expecting when they arrive at your place. Failure to make informed decisions on your part will surprise of the pricing and extent of the job to be done.

  8. Does your work cover a warranty? We @ RJA Electrical Services Ltd ensures the warranty aspect is what their customers would always expect. In this case, you can ask your future electrician if they assume responsibilities on their labour. This will provide you peace of mind when things go wrong later on.

  9. What is covered in the fees? Costing is very important. For electrical field jobs, sometimes, the professional or labour charges are not the only fees you will expect. Remember that the moment the electrician arrive at your place, you should have learned beforehand what covers the costs of the entire project so that you will not be surprised by other charges. Hidden charges are what customers hate. Let your chosen electrical service providers be transparent on this matter.

  10. What other credentials can you show me? Asking this question doesn’t negate the credibility of your electrician but uplift him instead. An experienced electrician, who has handled many projects for many years has somewhat garnered recognition in the industry. If not for the electrician, but for the company where he belongs. Sometimes, awards and affiliations with known organisations serve as solid credentials for electricians.

Talk to the experts

Let professionally licensed electricians handle all your electrical projects and contracts. While we aim to execute the most efficient service, your goal should be based on how you can live with peace of mind and safety against the money you have spent in keeping your home running and safe.

Whenever you are in doubt, you can always ask us questions concerning the quality of our work. At RJA Electrical Services Ltd

, we understand that you need to feel safe and relax with your chosen contractor, because it’s part of our professional ethics to place your concern as our priority.

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