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Lighting Ideas for your Kitchen

Kitchens are no longer purely practical rooms. They have become the heart of the home and a hub for entertaining, so you want to make sure your lighting compliments the multi-functional elements of your kitchen space.

Under Cupboard Spotlights These are a practical and stylish way to bring extra light into your kitchen. Lights are placed underneath cabinets and shelving, providing extra focal light for your worktops. Spotlights are most often used, bringing a contemporary touch to even the most traditional kitchen. They can also double up as ambient low lighting when main lights are switched off.

Pendant Lighting If you have a kitchen island or a dining table, consider adding pendant lights to create a centrepiece in the room. Hang them at different levels to add depth, and look at adding a dimmer switch to enhance the mood lighting options. The great thing about pendant lights is the sheer number of options and styles you have.

Task Lighting Functional and practical, task lighting is focused lighting over specific areas of your kitchen, most commonly the cooker, the sink and an area of the worktop for preparing food. Strip lighting is often used, as this diffuses the light better than spotlights, although multiple LED lights can be used.

Floor Lighting For a modern and stylish touch, add spotlights to the bottom of your cabinets. Adding another layer of lighting below eye level creates depth in the room, as well as providing you with ambient low lighting when entertaining guests. For mrore ideas on how to brighten up your home, look through our Lighting Department and check out some tips on creating ambient lighting.


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