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Things to consider before buying a hot tub or spa

Before buying your Hot tub or spa, check you have enough electrical power and space in your main distribution board to support the additional electrical demand that your hot tub or spa will create. It is typically not an issue but verifying that you have enough power and space will eliminate any surprises, That could impact the electrical installation cost. Before buying a hot tub, spa or jacuzzi, It is important to know that each make and model is different and the electrical Installation. For any hot tub, spa or jacuzzi can change from manufacturer to manufacturer. Always check the electrical specifications for precise details for the electrical requirements.

How much to install the electrics to a hot tub? It would depend on a few factors like how far the hot tub is away from your property, have you got an up to date mains board with RCD. these all play a big part in the cost of installation.

what Amp power supply do i need for a hot tub? There are a few different types of power supplies you could use. The most common types are 13A, 20A, 32A, and 40A.

What would be a suitable isolator switch for a hot tub? IP65 Rotary Isolator Switch is recommended for outside as it would provide protection against dust and protection against water spray from all directions.

Can i just plug a hot tub into a 13 amp wall socket? some hot tubs are perfectly fine to plug into a standard 13 amp socket outlet. but first check with the manufacturer.

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