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Visual Electrical Inspection

What is a Visual Inspection Report (VIR)?

A Visual Inspection Report (VIR) is a check to identify any visible signs of defects, damage or deterioration.

On tenant changeover or your annual visual inspection, you should be checking all accessories and the fuse board for any signs of electrical hazards.

If you don’t know what size cables should be in each fuse, and are unable to identify any minor signs of burning, then do the right thing; instruct a competent tradesperson. You may be held liable for hazards that are not identified.

You have a duty of care to ensure you use the correct skilled tradesmen for your maintenance. Failure to show you have instructed the correct trade could render you liable.

Are Visual Electrical Inspections necessary?

A VIR is supplementary to the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), which is required for pre-existing tenancies before 1st April 2021, and for any new tenancies.

How often should you carry out a Visual Inspection on electrical equipment/accessories?

Visual Inspections should be carried out yearly to guarantee your legal duty of care to your tenants is fulfilled.

Our electrical visual inspection procedure:

At RJA, we will assess the condition of all fixed electrics within your property. This includes:

  • Checks to all wiring, light fittings and switches, sockets and the consumer unit.

  • An assessment of any visual signs of burning, overheating or damage.

  • Identify and eliminate any potential safety hazards.

  • Checks to the electrical installation, that there are no signs of modification or alterations from the tenant.

Notes will be taken by a qualified engineer as part of the Visual Inspection and a Visual Inspection Report (VIR) will be issued by RJA Electrical Services Ltd. This report will record a number of observations and recommendations and provide an overall summary of the condition of the installation.

How much does an electrical inspection cost?

Prices start from just £39 +vat *dependent upon location.

Our tradesmen are qualified VIR electricians, who offer an efficient and professional service.

If you would like to book an engineer for a Visual Inspection Report, please call us on 01795 484115

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