Electric Underfloor Heating

We are electric under floor heating specialists in London & Kent.

We install under floor heating on concrete and screed sub floors and timber sub floors. All our under floor heating systems installed are custom made to suit the area in which they are installed.

All of our under floor heating systems come with a range of different thermostatic controllers ranging from standard controllers to SMART programmable electronic controllers that you can operate from your mobile phone.

Different sub floors within the home call for a certain type of under floor heating system, these vary in overall wattage output to heat the final finished flooring whether it be wooden, vinyl or tiles.

This is why when selecting underfloor heating systems for a room it is best to contact a specialist who can advise what type of under floor heating system you require based on the type and usage of the room it is to be installed in.

Bathroom areas which are to be tiled require a specific under floor heating system. This is because a bathroom is a wet area and as such the under floor heating system elements are to be protected from water ingress. In these environments we can install a lose wire under floor heating system and enclose the elements in a protective screed. This is advised so the floor tiler does not damage the under floor heating elements with his trowel when fixing the tiles down to the floor, we have seen this done many times before!.

Under Floor Electric Bathroom Heating

It does not matter if the sub floor is wooden as we can lay a special screed to encase the element into its own special screed suitable for wooden sub floors.

Some tiles namely Travertine can be especially thick floor tiles, as such we our varying out put wattage range of under floor heating lose wire cables can compensate this so the heat penetrates through the tiles quickly and effectively. Combined with our electronic controllers the end results are a fully heated bathroom floor.

Under Floor Heating Faults

Sometimes under floor heating systems fail and this can be worrying because the finished floor is fitted and the heating system no longer works.

We fault find electric under floor heating systems and can advise if the element is broken, the thermostatic controller is faulty or the floor sensor is faulty.